My Family


This is my family portrait. You might have reconized me at top of the painting saluting with a glass of champagne.

This painting took me at least two years to finish. It was not because of the canvas size (84" x 64") but because I struggled to settle on a composition to my satisfaction. The initial composition and color scheme was showing inside of our house with colors too dark to my taste. So it stayed sitting in the studio for two years, which btw, was blocking the day light coming into the house (translation: wife start complaining = better do something about it).

I decided (or forced to, depending on point of view) to go back and finish it. By then the kids have grown up so needed to start photo shooting all over again. Teenagers are a pain when you ask such favor but got the shots I needed.

Next was to make it brighter so decided to paint our dream house in a beach in Brazil with a large open patio. All came from imagination while the couch and carpet design came from a home decoration magazine. The champgne bottle was on the fridge so it was a good excuse to have it open. Salute!

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