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Welcome to my fine arts website. 

My name is Sidney Shiba. I'm an engineer, an artist and a warrior. Being an engineer is my work, artist is my part time passion and warrior is my Aikido teacher side.

This web site is dedicated to my artistic side. I like mainly to paint people, trying to capture their soul and print them on a canvas. I usually prefer oil painting as it forgives your ups and down mood and also because you can paint on a life size canvas.

Technology advancement brought the iPad and with it came many painting applications such as Procreate and SketchBook Pro. This is an easy media to carry when travelling for work and do some sketches during a long flight or lonely nights. This is a very convenient device but I'm still old school. I like to feel the brush scratching the surface of a canvas. The younger generation may think that is too much of preparation work before you can even start painting while in a tablet it is just a finger tap and there, you start painting. Well, this is what I call passion, everything becomes irrelevant but, the act of expressing your feeling through a paintings.

To have some extra food on the table I work on commisioned portraits. If you are interested in understanding the process, check the Commission page and don't hesitate to drop me a note.

Enough talking. Enjoy your journey and hope you like it.

Oh! one more thing. Before continuing discovering my paintings, please, be advised that some of them show some skins that may not be suitable for children to see.

Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it

© Sidney Fine Arts 2013